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In 2018, amidst a journey of personal growth and seeking, I discovered the transformative power of energy healing. Embracing various avenues to enhance my well-being and find solace, Reiki emerged as a beacon of inner light and vitality. Through its profound practice, the once abstract realm of energy became palpable and deeply enriching.

Reiki gracefully ushered me towards a sanctuary of inner peace, purpose, and interconnectedness—a journey I am impassioned to extend to others.

As a dedicated Reiki Practitioner, certified and insured, I completed my training at the esteemed London Reiki Academy. Proficient in both the Western and Japanese lineages of the Usui Reiki System, I am committed to upholding the standards of excellence and integrity upheld by The UK Reiki Federation.

Let me guide you on your path to holistic wellness and profound self-discovery.

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UK Reiki Federation Member

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